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Theme Music.

The Video and playlists attached to this page represent the various music I consider to be part of the Rabbit Hero Soundtrack. Choose a track, and allow it to play on this seperate tab as you peruse the images on the sight.


Main Theme.

The Bhundu Boys- Foolish Harp

If any one Track fully encapsulates the Rabbit Hero, it would be this. Probably my favorite song of all time. It is trance-like and medittative until the 3:10 mark, so allow it to play until the end.

Amy's Theme.

Alkaline Trio- If We Never Go Inside

The character of Amy Miss plays a significant part in the Rabbit Hero story as I envision it while creating. Her story begins in dolor, the Cemetery of Stories, where she digs graves and composes depressing poetry. This song, I think, sums up her outlook at the beginning of her story.

*Contains Foul Language*

The Score

Andrew Lockington

The two tracks attached her are samples of the work of Andrew Lockington, a film composer who works primarily with literary adaptations (though I'm unsure if that's intentional or not). Where a Rabbit Hero movie to indeed be made, this is who I would like to see hired to score it.

Trailer Music

Enya - Book of Days

I connected with this song at an impressionable age after catching the second half of Far and Away  on TV, and ever since it has been a frequent addition to various mixtapes and playlists. I cannot listen to this track without a flurry of Rabbir Hero related imagery, cut together in suitably dramatic fashion the way a movie trailer would be. For that reason, I would do my best to include it in that capacity in any Rabbit Hero movie produced.

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