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What is The Rabbit Hero?


Each individual image in the Rabbit Hero is meant to evoke some unspoken story. You, the Reader, are tasked with making your own stories out of the combining of the images into whatever sequence inspires you, as a kind of visual poem or comic book sculpture. The images are taken from various corners of human story-telling- mythology, folklore, world religion, nursery rhymes, history, contemporary literature, as well as characters drawn from my own childhood. They are then placed on blocks and stand together in whatever story-telling environment you prefer. 

The Rabbit Hero character, from which this story-telling enterprise draws its name, serves both as its trickster figure and its deus ex machina, a literary troupe in which some figure or event arrives to provide a simple solution to any and all problems. When required, the Rabbit Hero will trespass into your own story to help save the day, because as we all know, that's what heroes do.


Tony Brandl created The Rabbit Hero at the age of seven, and has been drawing him ever since. Originally from Wisconsin, he travels the country with Renaissance Festivals. 


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Photo courtesy of Bennorth Images

The Rabbit Hero is available via this website, Etsy, and in person at Renaissance Festivals and comic book conventions around the country.  



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The Rabbit Hero and all related characters ©2022 Anthony Brandl
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